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November 18, 2011


Well winter arrived here on the West Coast in full force yesterday with our first snow fall!!

I love making these paper pinwheels.....these banners were a hit at our Festive Nest sale last Christmas and I have made individual parcel toppers using this idea for Christmas this year (pictures to follow at a later date).  You can find them for sale at The Passionate Home.
I have been receiving lots of emails enquiring about our Festive Nest and when and where it is this year.....I am so sorry to tell everyone that we are not doing a Christmas sale this year due to some health issues among some of the group.   BUT DON'T WORRY..... all is well and we will be back with a spring sale!!!!!!

I am in the midst of moving homes (all before Christmas) so am completely overwhelmed with that which is why I have been so absent from the blogging world!  Looking so forward to our move....a smaller house and yard will allow me more crafting time!!!!!!

Keep warm my blogging friends!


Robin said...

I love your work .... and I really love that your blog is just simply
" RUST" so cool!!

joanne said...

Sorry you had to cancel the show this year. It sounds like the move will be a good one for you...I'm all for more crafting time right? We had a touch of snow here too...looking forward to more! take care

Dorthe said...

They are wonderful-
---and snow already----here it is cold, but still no snow- hope it will not be as cracy as last year, where we were lucked inside from masses of it!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Janis,
I just love this sweet banner. Of course, I love everything you make.

Good luck with your move and try not to get too stressed.


Pinecone Camp said...

Moving before Christmas! Yikes. Good luck with that. I love your paper work - so flipping pretty.

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

So pretty...wow, sounds like you are a busy girl :) Blessings to you in your new home!!! Laurel

Gracefully Vintage said...

Beautiful. I just love it. THanks for Sharing (what a great gift as well)

Cathy said...

Love...love your banner, and though it might be stressful moving this time of year, how NICE to be "downsizing"!!! I am sooo ready for that!! Good Luck, and Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!
Cathy aka GGJ

MiniBinoy said...

beautiful work Janis:)regards .mini

Vintage Home said...

those are the best! i am so sad about Festive Nest but am up to here getting ready for Fieldstone Market! on Dec 3rd!....Good luck on the move!

summersundays-jw said...

I love these! Good luck on your move. Jan

Cindy said...

Good for you, a big house is so much work, I love my little one. But I could sure use another bathroom.;)
Your Wish banner is so pretty, I love it, I want to make one like it.
Hugs, Cindy

joetterer said...

Lovin' all this glitter! Great blog, just scrolling through all your old posts. wonderful!


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