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September 28, 2009


By now you all know just how much I LOVE JUNK!!!!  Today I am featuring a junk project I did using an old cupboard door that was destined for the land fill.

I love french decorating and use a lot of it in my own home, so I decided that this cupboard door would be perfect with some added french destinations to it.  I cut the letters out of vinyl using my wishblade machine and rubbed them on.

Had to save the original hinges and latch as they add to the beauty of the piece.

This is a before picture of the cupboard door. All I did to prepare it for this project was to remove the one hinged piece at the top, wash it and give it a light sanding.

Well, that's it my friends...........another easy junkdreams project!!!
BTW....I hope this posts makes sense as I have just finished two very busy
nightshifts at the hospital and am feeling exhausted.
Hope you are all well.
Happy day and have fun junking!!!

September 24, 2009


Well, the house is a mess, the laundry is over-flowing, and the kids haven't had a decent meal for a couple days, BUT..........I've finished another order......Hooray!!!!!   Just had to show it to you all.

I also wanted to tell you all something.....when I first started my blog I wanted a venue to keep a record of my projects......little did I realize that I would meet such an amazing group of people.  I am overwhelmed that so many people have become followers of this little blog, but I am more overwhelmed by all the encouragement, support and inspiration you have all provided me.  I cherish each of your comments and appreciate them deeply.  I am so blessed to have so many like-minded new friends in my life.

Happy day my blogging friends.

September 23, 2009


Welcome to another fabulous white Wednesday...please check out Kathleen's blog for a list of all the WW participates. 
Well, fall IS officially here, but it is more like summer in this part of B.C.  My garden is still looking so pretty that I have decided to do another garden post.  It won't be too long before the fall/winter rains begin (they do call this the WET COAST at times, short for west coast) so I am enjoying every sunny moment until then.

Here is a little bundle of lavender from my garden tied together with a piece of old sheet. It sits on top of a beautifully weathered side table in the yard.

This is another one of my staircase post projects I use as a bird feeder.

What a lovely surprise these gladiolas were this summer as I had forgotten that I had planted them and almost pulled them up thinking they were weeds!

A chippy white garden lantern sits on top of a chippy stone against some sedum and a white David Austin rose (smells so good!).

"CHERISH THE MOMENT"  is a rub-on I added to this sweet little container.
I hope you are all having a fabulous White Wednesday.  Happy day!!

September 21, 2009


Hello blogging friends.  Today I have decided to post a DIY project.  This is a fun and simple craft utilizing thrift store finds.  I have turned silverplated plates into clocks.  This first one is done using a small silver plate---I decoupaged a Paris picture to the front, added some numbers and a clock mechanism.

Simply drill a hole in the center of your plate (large enough for your clock mechanism to fit through).  Then assemble as per instructions that come in the clock kit.  If you have never used a drill, DON'T BE AFRAID, they are very easy and pretty much self explanatory.  The hardware store people can help you pick out the right sized drill bit.
Another easy, peasy junk project brought to you by junk dreams.
Happy day my blogging friends.  A special thank you to all my followers who give purpose to my junking pursuits, and inspiration to my creative spirit.  I enjoy each of your blogs in return!!!

September 17, 2009


Like Candy, over at junksophisticate likes to say......Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.....THRIFTDAY!!
This is a piece I picked up at the THRIFT STORE (of course).  I painted it white (it was a dark green), changed the knobs, and added some words to the top using transfer paper (extremely, with a capital "E" easy).

Isn't it just adorable????  Like always, bloggers, HAVE A HAPPY THRIFTDAY!!!!
Thanks so much for looking at my blog, and I love reading your comments and visiting each of your blogs.  Isn't blogland just about the most inspiring place, ever!!
By the way.....I apologize for this pictures not quite lining up (things like that drive me crazy)...does any one have any tips for how to easily line everything up?

September 15, 2009


Welcome to White Wednesday!!!  Today I have decided to post a project that I did with a old lamp I found at the thrift store.

Lamps are very easy to take apart and really all it requires is unscrewing a couple of bolts and screws.  This is a before picture of the lamp.

I took this lamp apart in order to spray paint the brass parts white.  Once the pieces were painted I reassembled the lamp omitting the top socket part and electrical cord .

I spray painted a little silver plate white to match and drilled a hole in its center.  The plate then fit over the threaded rod and is held in place by a washer and nut.  I finished off by adding a little glass knob,  but if you would like to use your lamp for a candle/cake holder omit the knob.

Another easy, peasy project!!!!  Happy day my blogging friends and don't forget to head over to Kathleen's blog for a list of all the other participants in White Wednesday.
Thanks for visiting!!!

September 11, 2009

Junk Project: Vintage Photo Album Pages

Have you seen the latest issue of the Somerset Home magazine???  Tracie Lyn Huskamp http://www.thereddoor-studio.blogspot.com/ is featured and is the inspiration for the following project.  I took pages from a vintage photo album I had and instead of framing photos I framed embellished vintage music sheets.  Don't you just love the aged patina of this project??  I am loving these pages!!

Bits and pieces of vintage jewelry finish the look.

The following picture is my first attempt using Picassa photo collaging.  I'm in love with this program!!

Have a happy junking weekend everyone!!!

September 10, 2009


Candy over at http://www.junksophisticate.blogspot.com/ had a great idea to feature our thrift finds and what we have done with them on one day of the week.   I have known Candy for almost a year now through the junkmarket style site and she is one very talented and inspiring lady. 
Today I am sharing a find from my trip to a hospital thrift store last Thursday.
I quickly snatched up this galvanized metal thingy when I saw it.  At first I thought it was something from a garden store, but it turns out it was merely a container that held some bath gifts (sticker still at the bottom).  Well, as we junkers already know, it doesn't matter much what it used to be I love it just the way it is.  For now it takes center spot on a shelf in the living room surrounded by some of my french lovelys.

I added this little address using rub on vinyls that I cut with my much loved xyron cutter.  I picked up a bag of this wonderful moss at Pottery Barn.  The necklace is a piece of my own jewelry that I thought looked charming hanging off the top.

Have I EVER mentioned just how much I love THRIFT SHOPPING!!!??!!
Happy thrifting my blogging friends!!!!  Head on over to Candy's blog to see lots more thrift treasures.

September 8, 2009

A Candlelit White Wednesday

Well, I'm off to do a nightshift at the hospital (I'm a pediatric nurse), and will be working the next couple of nights and sleeping during the day..........so..........here is my White Wednesday post a little early.
Welcome to White Wednesday.  Today I am showing you pictures from my kitchen.  Please head on over to Kathleen's blog at http://www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/ for a list of all the participates in this fun filled white day!!!
I love this candle holder and painted it white after buying it to match my decor.  My husband found the beautiful leaded glass window at a yard sale he stopped at one year for my birthday (his first and only stop at a yard sale!!??!!).

Couldn't resist throwing in some white flowers for you all!!!
"Tell me how much you know of the sufferings of your fellow man and I will tell you much you have loved them" is one of my favorite quotes.  It was written by theologian Helmut Thiehcke and is very inspiriing to me.  I have had it stencilled on my kitchen wall for some years now.
This frame was another thrift store find that I painted and put words on.
That's all for today my friends.  Happy White Wednesday and thank you for visiting my blog!!!


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