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July 21, 2009

Night Lights

For several years now I have been selling my "junkstyle" creations at local stores. I am amazed and thankful that so many people have supported me through the years by buying my creations. Their gift of buying allows more room for my creative spirit to grow and flourish.
My teapot night lights have been a hit at one of our local stores, The Passionate Home, owned and operated by a junk buddy, Carrie Thachuk. These are some of my most recent creations that will soon make their way down to the store.

Thrifty Summer Table Setting

I used the smaller ring mold on the top of a candle stick. Filled with water and flowers it creates a beautiful display to add on either side of the centerpiece.
I used the little tart mold filled with water and flowers at each place setting. A rhinestone tag displays the guest's monograms.

I used the large baking mold as a centerpiece. It is filled with water and flowers from my garden. A glass hurricane vase fit perfectly into the middle.

I used a few inexpensive and easy to find thrift store baking molds to create a beautiful summer table setting.


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