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May 24, 2010


Spring is my favorite time of the year!!! I have been busy planting annuals this weekend and thought I would show you a project from a couple of years ago.  This old wagon was a freebie at a yard sale and made the perfect planter.  I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, lined it with screen and then filled it with one of my favorite anuuals--bacopa.
I spend the entire year scouring flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores for fun containers that can be repurposed as plant containers.

Happy day!

May 21, 2010


Here's a pretty little print that I came acorss at the thrift store.
Just added a little bit of glitter and.....
A perfect little picture for a sweet little girls' room.
Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze

Happy day!

May 3, 2010


Don't you just love it when something that doesn't work out for one project is perfect for another???
I had a few frenchy pictures that I had cut for something that didn't work out and it turned out they were the perfect size, shape and colour for inserts for some old photo album pages I had.
I framed up the pictures then embellished them a bit with some bias tape, and buckles I had on hand.
One of my boys pointed out to me that there are some rips in the pages, but I simply replied; "well, junkers like that sort of thing!"
Happy day!


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