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December 11, 2009


Here is a great idea for little silver plates......just apply a word to the front and stand it up on a little easel for some easy Christmas cheer.

I was inspired to create these little word plates after finding a bag full of easels
at the thrift store.  A little added bling takes them up a notch.

Have a happy weekend everyone!!  One of my boys reminded me today that there are only 14 days until Christmas.................EEK!!!......HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!??!!


Sandi said...

GORGEOUS Janis. Where DO you find all your gorgeous silver pieces? Not many around here that I find. lol
Thanks for sharing!!

lisa said...

I really love your word silver! Do you use those pre-cut vinyl letters, or do your own? So original. And I agree....13 DAYS!!!!OMG. I still have so much to do. Lisa

Julie Marie said...

Hello Janis... those are sooo very pretty! I have lots of little silver trays... what do you use for the words??? Bisous... Julie Marie

Unknown said...

Awesome look !! I love your creativity.You are right Christmas will be here soonhickie.Just ask a kid or two they know how many days.Hope all is well and you been giving some time as well for yourself.Have a great weekend and stay warm!!
More Fun Finds 2 U... C

Anne Lorys said...

Those are gorgeous! Now explain to the dummy how you attached the letters! ;-)

Six in One Hand said...

Love it,Love it, love it!!!

*Chic Provence* said...

These are lovely! Where did you find the letters? very cool!

GwendolynKay said...

I love it! great idea! Blessings!

June said...

Janis I really, really love these. I would love to do a couple of these for my house. Thank you for sharing.

Lady Pamela said...

Hello, dear friend.
I bought one of these word plates at Carrie's open house. It is sitting in my kitchen.
Maybe we should do a post Christmas coffee, I am sure you are just as busy this time of year as I am. Still hoping to get together....

Sylvia said...

Oh how pretty...thanks for sharing your idea.

Rustydiva said...

I'm with the others ~ you always find the most amazing silver! Your extra bling dresses it up and the elegant words finish it off like the perfect accessory. Just beautiful!


Ana said...

Hi Janis,
Yet another wonderful idea. You are just so very creative. I love it. Those tray are gorgeous. I also saw the garland you made in your previous post with the silver coasters...love it too.

Hugs and Kisses,

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

You truly are the QUEEN of transforming castoffs into treasures. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Janis.. these are unbelievable....!!!
Do you use real silver platters..? I have tons from mom/grandmothers.. but they always need to be polished!!! Ok.. and for us not so swift.. how are you applying these letters!!
I am starting dig through boxes now!
Love them!!

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Hi cute Janis, I don't get over here enough. Love your silver, love love love the black words. Do you make your lettering? Very Classy. I will collect silver trays this year and then I can do it next year.

I'm crazy with projects but I didn't want to forget to wish you Merry Christmas. Have a very special holliday.

Love cindy@stitches

Carole said...

Love all your ideas Janis. I finally got the magazines out this morning. Just couldn't seem to get of here. Short staffed this week.
I think it should arrive before Christmas.....let me know when it comes!

maría cecilia said...

Dear Janis, I wish you and your family a very happy christmas time, and may next year brings much happiness and blessings to you all.
Muchos cariños
Maria Cecilia
p.s. your plates are great!!!

Kathy said...

WoW! I just stumbled across your blog and have spent the last 20 minutes reading it. You have some amazing ideas!! What wonderful bits of fabulousness you've created. Merry Christmas and peace to you and yours. - Kathy

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Janis, girl you really got it going on! I am always amazed at the beauty of your creations. Your things are just gorgeous! Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking to see more of your beautiful creations in 2010!



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