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September 11, 2009

Junk Project: Vintage Photo Album Pages

Have you seen the latest issue of the Somerset Home magazine???  Tracie Lyn Huskamp http://www.thereddoor-studio.blogspot.com/ is featured and is the inspiration for the following project.  I took pages from a vintage photo album I had and instead of framing photos I framed embellished vintage music sheets.  Don't you just love the aged patina of this project??  I am loving these pages!!

Bits and pieces of vintage jewelry finish the look.

The following picture is my first attempt using Picassa photo collaging.  I'm in love with this program!!

Have a happy junking weekend everyone!!!


WhisperWood Cottage said...

Waaay gorgeous, Janis!!


Sandi said...

Gorgeous items for inspiration! I will have to try this soon. I have a vintage black belt with the rhinestone buttons almost just like the one you used. Or is it a choker? I can't imagine anyone being that skinny as the one I have! lol

Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh, so cute! I'm thinkin' sheet music is good for just about anything! I know I'm going to be using more of it!

Lady Pamela said...

Janis, You are most definitely reigning Queen of all things lovely and beautiful. Such fabulous eye candy. How about giving us some classes on how to make one of these? Sign me up!
I have been using Picnik for photo editing but I heard Picasa was great too.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh I love those! What a great idea... I want to try one... Bisous... Julie Marie

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Janis, these are beautiful! Of course they're from you. You do such amazing things. Luv 'em!


Vicki said...

Hi, Janis,
Your banner is wonderful! What a great idea to use vintage sheet music. Also love the bling of the jewelry. Have a beautiful week. Vicki

Timi said...

Those are beautiful.

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Janis,
Holy cow, I LOVE it!!! I just scored a ton of vintage sheet music last week, and I plan on framing mine, too. What are you using to frame them? It almost looks like a mat, but whatever it is, it's GORGEOUS.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog, please be a regular there. I plan on popping in on you often!
~ Anne

Anne Lorys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne Lorys said...

D'oh, never mind. I just went back and saw that you used a vintage photo album to frame it. Reading comprehension Annie, practice it. ;-)


Lúcia said...


Love the beads!
Very interesting items.

Lisa said...

Very, very cool. I do love the sepia tones in the sheet music and old frames. Beautiful banner. Lisa

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

What a wonderful project!...can't wait to try it.
I love all your trinkets and pretty ribbons!

Have a wonderful day!

RustyDiva said...

Love it!!!!!! Love it all!!!!!!
Absolutely gorgeous!!!! You are sooooooooo talented!

Roeshel said...

Beautiful! I love it!

You've got talent girl!

I'm new to your blog and loving every post!

Karen The Graphics Fairy said...

This is gorgeous!!


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