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July 17, 2010


I am so enjoying these wonderful summer days....having three teenage boys off school and home for the summer is busy, interesting and, needless to say, a bit challenging!!!!
One of our favorite places on earth is my parent's cabin at North Barriere Lake. 
 My family has had this little cabin on the lake since I was a young girl and my parents spend hours keeping it up and running for all us kids to use at our leisure....we can't ever thank them enough for having created such a special place for us!!!  
My boys keep busy there most of the summer dirt biking, kayaking, sailing, tubing/skiing/wakeboarding, EATING, etc, and much to our surprise and awe my parents built a basketball court for them this spring (this despite my dad undergoing ongoing treatment for prostate cancer!!!!)

When we go up to the lake I always load the car with as many crafts as I possibly can and have great fun creating and taking pictures.  This was a project I did while I was there this past week....the apron is made from an old pillowcase I found at the thrift store....I have always loved old 'yo-yo' quilts and have wanted to try making some of these yo-yos...it was so easy to do!!

Hope all my blogging friends are enjoying these wonderful summer days!!

Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between the ages of 12 and 17,
for example, a parent ages as much as 20 years. ~Author Unknown

Happy day!



Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness that is beautiful and your pictures are so beautiful too !!


raggygirlvintage said...

Yay, you got to make yo-yos!! What a neat idea to put them on an apron. I have to see you next week, I am dying to give you your birthday gift:-)

Ticking and Toile said...

beautiful indeed!! I love love love old pillowcases.....I buy them whenever I can.

Have fun w/ your boys! What would it be like?? a boy?? ;)


sissie said...

You are blessed with wonderful parents! Hope you are enjoying your time at the cabin, I'm sure the teenagers are giving you a challenge or two!

I love your apron with yo-yos, how cute! Pretty colors too.


Anonymous said...

Your apron is beautiful! I love the colors. Have a great time at the cabin....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Oh My thats soo gorgeous.The yo yos I assume are the cute little flowers.How lovely.I wonder if I could get the pattern off you to try the pillow and yo yos as well.Id love to have some new things to venture into for the fall/winter.I would appreciate it.

Happy sunday ahead!

Linda said...

What an adorable apron! Enjoy your fun family time!

Maureen said...

I love the apron - such a pretty fabric. Ruffles will get me every time!

Your parents created a wonderful tradition that you now get to share with your kids. How blessed!

Dori said...

Oh my....Your post makes me home sick for the beloved lake cabin of my childhood! Sweet memories! Enjoy the time with your boy-o's. I've my two home for the summer. :-) (Darling apron!)

Julie Marie said...

How beautiful Janis... so pretty! Good luck to your daddy as he recovers from cancer and many blessings and prayers to him... xoxo Julie Marie

Amy said...

Oh the pictures just reveal your spirit of the cabin. The light, beautiful colors and simplicity of it all just beautiful.

Cassie said...

You are one talented lady! Me...a little jealous about the lake place! Enjoy!

bj said...

This apron is wonderful...ALMOST as wonderful as you MAGNIFICENT photos. Girl, you do have a love affair going on with that camera.
Just beautiful...


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