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August 3, 2010


Thrifting is really one of my favorite things.....there are so many treasures to be found out there for cheap!!!  Today I am linking to Linda's blog  Coastal Charm to celebrate thrifty finds.
This is part of an old pottery gingerbeer bottle (the top is missing) from the early 1900s.
Collectors will pay a lot of money for these old pieces.......mine was given to me!!!!

Be sure to visit
Linda's blog for links to all the Nifty, thrifty Tuesday participants.

Happy day!


Unknown said...

That is a neat jug! Beautiful presentation ...

Have a great summer's week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Pamela said...

That is a great piece!
I love thrifting too and i am new to it. I can't believe what treasures are out there.

Have a wonderful week!
Pamela xo

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Janis,

I love the old stone gingerbeer bottle and glad that you got this little treasure.


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Great treasure and the photos are so lovely.


Brooke ~ The Eclectic Cottage said...

Love the ginger beer bottle, I've never seen one quite like it!
How great that it was given to you!

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Nice find and GREAT photos.


Kitsch N Stuff

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece...definitely a keeper! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, but most especially for becoming a follower(means so much)!

Tete said...

Free stuff is the best stuff, and when its something like this- what more could you ask for? Great photos!

Jane said...

That is a very cool jug and for free!!! Makes it all the better!

Rustydiva said...

Awesome crock! Love the cherries with it too - yummy.


Lisa said...

Really great piece! Ginger beer is such a great old thing!
Hugs, Lisa

Cindy said...

Very cool old piece, so interesting looking. I love the way you styled the photo, wrong terminology, I think. But that is what I am trying to learn, to set up each photo to look it's best.
Hugs, Cindy S

Unknown said...

I just love this!!


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