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January 11, 2010


I am home today catching up on some laundry and cleaning, and snuck in a little creative time as well.
Finished off these two teapot lights and then took some pictures and thought you all would enjoy them on this rather dismal rain filled day (at least it is here).

The little teapot is so adorable and I lucked out the day I found it (at a thrift store) as I also found the large one that goes with it.

Happy day!


Rosemary said...

Hi there,
These are adorable!!
Love them!
It's warm here, send some of your rain this way.

icandy... said...

That IS rainy day fun! :)
These are soooo sparkly and gorgeous!

Amy Kinser said...

So very pretty.

Blessings from me to you.

alice said...

First I am glad to here it is raining. I had images of you being snowed in from the cold front that hit texas from your neck of the woods. Woo!
Second!!! Love them!!!!! another fab job!

Maureen said...

Very yummy! I think you must be the queen of silver. You must be looooving Silver Sundays!

June said...

Janis these are just amazing my friend. I want to go thrifting with you my dear. I love what you dig up.

Unknown said...

Janis, you are hereafter to be known as the Queen of Junky Bling!
I love it!


Julie Marie said...

ooh Janis, I am totally in love with those! What wonderful thrift shops you must have! I have never seen anything like those fixed up the way you have... so pretty! xoxo Julie Marie

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Janis! They're faboulous! Great idea! Love them!
A nice evening to you!

Rustydiva said...

Silver teapots must follow you everywhere you go. You could be the "silver pied piper" or the "silver whisperer", whatever it's called girl you certainly have the "silver touch". These are beautiful!!!!!


KeKe said...

I love your blog!! I'm a junker too...always have been...I don't know which I like more? The thrill of the hunt or finding just right piece?
Either way, it's fun!

Diane and Kelly said...

This project is so clever and cute!

Second Hand Chicks

Sandi said...

Wow Janis! I wish I could find silver like that at our thrift stores!! I have never found any at all to speak of. Your pieces are just gorgeous!!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

So pretty and so fun!! I just love your teapots!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I love how you have added the jewels and the ribbons. Absolutely gorgeous! I wish they were mine.(sigh)



I love the tea pots and your photographs of them are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty and cute! What a great idea!

A Fanciful Life said...

Oh my goodness! I'll say you lucked out the day you found these - just beautiful. I am swooning!
Sharon :-)

Obee Designs said...

Hi Janis!
I just love your regal teapots! They are so adorable! What a cute idea:)
I grew up like you. My parents loved to find "antiques" from the craziest places. I pretty much went with them on their junking escapades every weekend. I have learned to look at something for what it COULD be, not what it currently is. I am so glad my parents taught me to appreciate old loved things, they are so much better than some of the new stuff out there today. I guess you can say we were green way before it was chic to be!!
It was nice to visit you! See you again soon
Have a wonderful day!!

Whatever Is Lovely said...

Hi Janis! Love your Beautiful Silver pieces!! Those Shakers are Gorgeous!! I also love your Silver Teapot Nightlights! I fell in Love with that one with the heart!! Thanks so much for stopping by & Leaving such a sweet comment! & for becoming a follower! I signed up to follow you! So I'll be back again soon!

Blessings ~ Teresa


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