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September 18, 2013

The Case of the Missing VINTAGE PURPLE BOTTLE!

Don't you just love colored vintage bottles?
My parents have quite a collection of them.....
They really can take a licking and keep on ticking (he,he).....
Three years ago I took these pictures up at our cabin on a beautiful summer day.
To my horror, in the midst of the picture taking, a huge wave passed by
and these lovely purple bottles fell off the table, onto the wharf, and one of them went rolling into the depths of the lake!

 Being absolutely horrified I neglected to mention this little incident to my parents! ;)
Well...my dad has just informed me that a very dirty bottle has been found 10 feet in the lake buried in sand.  Cleaned up it turns out to be a purple ink bottle embossed Carter’s. On the base is a patent date of 1899. 
He says it's exactly like one he "used to have"!!!

Oh me, oh my....."what tangled webs we weave!"
Happy day!


June said...

So cool Janis. What a miracle he found it. I love your beautiful photos on the lake!

Sandi said...

Oh my goodness! Love this story. :)

Julie Marie said...

What an incredible story Janis!... love those beautiful purple bottles... I too collect purple pressed glass... just wish I had a setting like yours to photograph them on!... xoxo Julie Marie

Cindy said...

Oh Janis, how ironic is that! Well, I 'm glad it came back home, now you can quit feeling bad about it. I have never seen an old purple bottle and what a lovely photo shoot you had there on the wharf!

Vintage Home said...

Janis that is awesome! beautiful images!


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